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Updating the Primary Contact on Your Iotplus Online Account

How to update the Primary Contact on your Iotplus Online account

The Primary Contact on the Iotplus Online account may receive important correspondence from Iotplus regarding your account subscription, credits, or contacts regarding server events. It is important to make sure the Primary Contact on the account is up to date.

Steps for updating the Primary Contact in the New Look 3.0 Iotplus interface

  • Log into your Iotplus Online account.
  • Click the Settings tab in the primary menu displayed in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Enter the name for the user desired to be the Primary Contact.
    Note: In order to change the Primary Contact, the user that is being added as the Primary Contact must have a User created on this account. Entering the name of the user that you want added as the Primary Contact should start to auto-fill that user’s name. You cannot add a Primary Contact of a person that is not configured as a user on this account. Therefore if you wish to add a Primary Contact of a person that is not currently a user on the account, you will need to add them as a user. For information on adding a user to an Iotplus Premiere account (multiple users not supported in Iotplus Basic), see the following article: Adding a User in Your Iotplus Online Account.Primary Contact in Account Settings

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