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Skyrocket Your Business Success with IoT Remote Monitoring Systems

  • No more manual routine tasks
  • Huge and immediate cost savings
  • Automated 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Avoid costly health and safety disasters
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The Secret To Scaling Your Business Is Here

The Secret To Scaling Your Business Is Here

Your business and your assets need to be connected. At IoT Plus Middle East, we enable you to easily deploy, manage and scale your enterprise. Our mission is to ensure you stay at the top of your game in the volatile market.

With our dedicated core service being to provide sensors and integrate sensors into your current system, we place future-proof measures so that you remain competitive.

Are you ready to accelerate your possibilities?

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How Does It Work?


The Sensor will wirelessly send secured and encrypted data regarding its condition to the Gateway


The Gateway will securely relay data from the Sensor to the IoT Plus Platform


The Platform displays the Sensor data and allows you to create notifications as per your specific needs

IoT+ in numbers

27 hours

Saved Per Year Per Sensor On Routine Manual Checks

135 %

Average Annual Return on Invesetment Per IoT System

30,000 AED

Average Lifetime Savings Per IoT System

Why Choose IoT Plus?

Super Signal Range

Our RF signal range can reach up to 300 meters through multiple walls

Low Power Long Life

With more than 10 years of battery life, you can ‘plug and forget’ our sensors

50 + Sensor Types

We have more than 50 sensors and new sensors developed all the time

Exceptional Support

When it comes to after sales service and support. Our support heroes will ensure you are always satisfied

Easy to Setup & Use

Our solution was developed with simplicity in mind. We did the hard work so you can enjoy simple and intuitive design

Low Cost

Our end-to-end solution is cost effective when compared to similar market solutions

How To Get Started


Audit your premises

Taking a rapid survey of your critical assets, we assess your current situation. This is when we find gaps, and define success measures.


Find Your Sensor

By analyzing the audit results, we identify what your specific needs are. From there, we select the right sensor solution for you.


Install the sensor

Our installation is comprehensive, and we perform a full installation in addition to an integration with your current systems.



After we complete installation, you are in control. You can download our easy-to-use app, and have complete control at your fingertips. You are all set to go.

Need help?

  • Food service

    Do you own / manage a commercial kitchen, grocery store or cold storage?

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  • Property manager

    Are you a property or facility manager or owner?

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  • Datacenter manager

    Do you own or manage a server room or data center?

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  • Agriculture

    Do you own / manage a farm or agriculture facility?

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  • Health Care

    Do you own / manage a hospital, clinic or healthcare facility?

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    • Our Customers Love Us!

      IoT Plus provided us with the solution we needed. They were able to integrate their sensors with our legacy system and have it up and working in record time

      Mo Latif
      • Executive
      • Aramex
    • Our Customers Love Us!

      IoT Plus was a great help, and provided me with multiple options for the right type of sensors to use in the cold chain trials.

      Long Huynh
      • Project Manager
      • Food Safety & Market Access Meat & Livestock Australia
    • Our Customers Love Us!

      At Popcity Popsicles we’re obsessed with quality, that’s why we installed the IoT Plus Col Chain monitoring solution. Our entire cold-chain is now monitored from end-to-end and we couldn’t be happier.

      Ali Chokr
      • Managing Partner
      • Pop City
    • Our Customers Love Us!

      IOT Plus Wireless Sensors has been an amazing tool giving us peace of mind and assuring all our team that we have our cold chain well controlled. The local team is fantastic and are only a call away whenever we need any assistance.

      Snezhana Vakova
      • Commercial Manager
      • Executive gourment
    • Our Customers Love Us!

      IOT sensor monitoring & installation have helped easily to monitor the temperature. Recommended to initiate a perfect/complete dashboard to identify the performance of the temperature unit.

      Asif Khan
      • Executive Quality & Safety
      • Aswaaq Retail LLC
    • Our Customers Love Us!

      We installed the IoT Plus wireless remote monitoring system a few months ago in our lighting and control rooms at the the Royal Opera House just in case any water leaks occurred … This system has proved to be an outstanding piece of technology and helped us avoid a true nightmare.

      Donald Cox
      • Head Of Lighting
      • Royal Opera House Muscat