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Deactivating Action Alerts

Deactivating Actions in Iotplus Online

Deactivation of actions can be necessary for a number of reasons. This article will walk you through how to disable actions and deactivate an email and/or phone notification.

Deactivating an Event

  • Open Iotplus.
  • Select Actions in the main navigation menu.
  • All the actions on your account will display on the page.
  • A green dot on the action means that notification is active.
    Action Active
  • Find the action you wish to deactivate. Select the green dot. It should shift to a white background.
    Action Disabled
  • The action has now been deactivated. Select the icon again to reactivate.

Deactivate Email and/or Phone in Event Notification

  • Open Iotplus.
  • Pick the Actions option in the main navigation menu.
  • On the Actions page, select the name of the Action for which you wish to disable alerts.
  • Select the Actions tab.
  • Find the People to Notify Section. This section will list all users on the account. Iotplus sends notifications to you in any of the following three ways: Email, SMS, and Voice. They can each be set and deactivated the same way. If the icon under any of the three modes of communication is green, that is where notifications for this event will be sent.
  • To deactivate, select the green icon.
    Turn off Alert
  • A box will pop up with “No Delay” selected by default. Scroll up to select “Off” then choose the set button.
  • The icon will shift to gray, indicating that it has been deactivated.

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