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ALTA – Voltage Meter, AA, 500 VAC


Perfect for monitoring the voltage between two electrical points such as batteries or other sensors. Suitable for appliance, line power, power coupling, power supply, machine motor, HVAC monitoring.


With industry-leading range, security & affordability, Monnit’s ALTA range of remote wireless sensors has set new benchmarks. Since their introduction in 2017, Monnit’s ALTA Sensors have been global game-changers for many industries including Food Service, Facility Management, Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharmaceutical & Medical.

This wireless Voltage Meter sensor is perfect for monitoring the voltage between two electrical points, such as batteries or other sensors; measured voltage is reported. This sensor is capable of measuring the voltage coming off another device, battery, or sensor. Examples of interfacing devices include, but are not limited to: Strain Gauge, Pressure Transducer, RTD, Thermistor, or Thermocouple, Piezo Electric sensors, Photoresistor, Industrial Accelerometer, any kind of variable resistor, any kind of sensor that outputs a voltage, etc. If the device being measured is passive, the user must supply their own excitation voltage, as the Monnit sensor is really just a “voltage observer”.

The sensor can be used in various applications such as remotely monitoring machine or system power status for appliance monitoring, line power monitoring and power supply monitoring. If a monitored value rises or falls beyond user-set thresholds, an alert is sent via text, email, or call. Know when essential appliances are operative (helpful for remote locations or decentralized operations)

Other common uses include:

  • Appliance Monitoring
  • Line Power Monitoring
  • Power Coupling Monitoring
  • HVAC Systems Monitoring
  • Power Supply Monitoring
  • Sump Pump Monitoring
  • Backup Generator Monitoring
  • Machine Motor Monitoring



Our sensors have paired exclusive RF technology with industry-leading power management to achieve the best battery life in the IoT industry. While the competition lasts anywhere from six months to two years, Monnit has made 10 years battery life possible with a pair of two AA batteries.


Our sensors provide upto 4 times the range of standard competitor wireless sensors, which means you don’t need as many Gateway’s and a much wider coverage area. Our sensor has a non-line-of-sight reach of 300 meters through upto 12 walls. This is all possible due to the most advanced Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology that allows for superior interference immunity from other wireless devices.


The sensor has Monnit’s most secure embedded Encrypt-RF™ Security which consists of a 256-bit Diffie Hellman key exchange and AES-128 CBC encryption for all sensor data messages. Security is maintained at all communication points from sensor → gateway then gateway → software, then back again.


The user-customization settings allow you to set the frequency of readings with the ability to set thresholds for alerts via SMS text and/or email.

The sensor will store as many as 3,100 time-stamped messages if communication is disrupted for any reason (power outage, network disruption … etc). Once the communication is restored all messages will be delivered in chronological order.