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Understanding Iotplus Ethernet Gateway Ports

Iotplus Ethernet Gateway Network Requirements

Iotplus Ethernet Gateways connect to a physical Ethernet network, and send data to the Iotplus server using TCP/IP communication. This article will detail the requirements for allowing the gateway to successfully communicate with an Iotplus Server.

Standard HTTP and HTTPS traffic

Ports 80 and 443 are ports designated to HTTP and HTTPS traffic which is a protocol used over TCP network communications. In general web browsers use these ports to send requests to web servers. Web servers then reply and the traffic is routed back to the browser. In order to access the Iotplus Online portal, TCP ports 80 and 443 will need to be open.

DNS resolution

The gateway attempts to resolve the domain of the Iotplus server as part of its start up process. The gateway will need to complete the DNS resolution in order to enter it’s Run Mode. Ethernet gateways communicate need to resolve the the domain The exact subdomain changes with the gateway type.
Ethernet Gateway 3 sends data to as a primary and as a failover (in older versions of the gateway).
Ethernet Gateway 4 sends data to

Port 3000

By default, Ethernet Gateways send data from outbound TCP port 3000. This port must be open, and an Internet connection must be available in order for the gateway to communicate with Iotplus Online. The server never initiates communication to the gateway. Because the gateway always initiates the TCP communication, there is no need to change firewall settings for inbound port communication.

In some networks outbound ports may be filtered. In these cases, a firewall rule or exception will need to be created to allow outbound traffic over port 3000.

Using the Iotplus Communication Check Utility

If your gateway is unable to reach the Iotplus server (Iotplus Online or locally hosted versions of Iotplus software), there is a utility which can be used to test the network connection. The following article highlights the use of this tool.
Using the Iotplus Communication Check Utility


Network configuration and security are generally the cause of a gateway being unable to reach a Iotplus server. The information and Communication Check Utility should allow you to identify network issues which prevent a gateway from reaching a Iotplus server.

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