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SMS Alerts: Differences Between External Provider and Direct Delivery

Iotplus offers two manners by which SMS messages can be delivered to users. These options are External Delivery (which has no additional cost) and Direct Delivery (which is a paid service managed by Notification Credits). This article will discuss the differences and costs involved.

For a list of Countries and Notification Credit cost per country, view Notification Cost Per Country.

External Provider details

External Delivery is the default SMS option in Iotplus Online. The External Delivery SMS option uses a local carrier’s Email to SMS system (SMS Gateway) to convert an email to an SMS message. The carrier then delivers the SMS message to the recipient. Iotplus does not charge any additional fee to use the External Delivery SMS system since it utilizes Iotplus’s existing email server. Since this kind of notifications originates as an email sending to your carrier’s Email to SMS system for conversion, your carrier must support Email to SMS in order for you to receive the message. Your carrier must be selected in the list of approved External Delivery SMS Providers.

SMS messages sent using the External Delivery system will be sent via a short code number which will continually change. Therefore if it is important for you to receive SMS notifications from the same phone number, you will need to use Direct Delivery.

NoteIf you do not see your carrier in the list of External Delivery SMS Providers, your carrier is not currently supported. You may request the carrier be added if they support Email to SMS. You will need to contact to request a carrier be added. You will need to include (1) the number format with the domain where the Email to SMS needs to be sent (example: Verizon Wireless: in addition to (2) the carrier’s name, (3) country, and (4) web address.

Direct Delivery details

Iotplus also offers Direct Delivery SMS messages which are SMS messages sent using an actual mobile number. Since there is no conversion from email as there is with External Delivery, you do not need to select your carrier. A mobile device with any carrier that is in the list of supported countries and supports SMS messaging can receive Direct Delivery SMS notifications. Since this type of SMS uses a mobile number to send the messages, there is a cost associated with using this service. Notification Credits must be applied to the account and will be charged according to the country of the mobile number. A list of supported countries and Notification Credit cost can be found at the relevant article.

Currently, the phone number from which Direct Delivery SMS messages are sent is +61 8 6374 2503.

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