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How Iotplus HX Works

The standard minimum Heartbeat for sensors being used in Iotplus Online is 10 minutes. While a 10 minute Heartbeat is more than adequate for most users, Iotplus recognizes the necessity of some customers to operate with a more frequent Heartbeat. This is why Iotplus offers special credits that allow the ability to set a sensor Heartbeat to be as frequent as 1 minute using Iotplus Online. This is offered in the form of Iotplus HX Credits.

These Credits allow Iotplus Premiere users to apply a Heartbeat as frequent as 1 minute to sensors. As long as the Premiere account has adequate credits to cover the frequent Heartbeats, the sensor will check in with the configured frequency and use the HX Credits to display the datapoints.

Operational Details

Once you have applied an Iotplus HX Activation Key to your Iotplus Online account, your account will be HX Enabled and have the permission to configure sensor Heartbeats as frequent as 1 minute. If your sensor does not check in more frequently than 10 minutes in that given day, the credits will not be depleted. All sensor Heartbeats that occur over the daily limit of 150 records will use up an Iotplus HX Credit.

Total daily Heartbeat per sensor: 150

Iotplus allows for 150 Heartbeats per day per sensor before Iotplus HX Credits are used. This threshold is calculated by the following benchmark:
1 sensor with a 10 minute Heartbeat = 6 Heartbeats per hour
(60 minutes / 10 minute Heartbeat = 6 Heartbeats per hour) = (144 Heartbeats per day)
(6 Heartbeats per hour X 24 hours = 144 Heartbeats per day)
+ 6 additional Heartbeats allowed for Aware Readings = 150 Heartbeats per day

If the sensor does not have more than 150 data points in a given day, HX Credits will not be used. Any number of Heartbeats over 150 in a given day will use HX Credits at the rate of 1 HX Credit per Heartbeat.

  • An active Iotplus Premiere account
  • A sensor that supports a 1 minute Heartbeat Interval
  • Adequate Iotplus HX Credits

If you run out of Iotplus HX Credits

If you have purchased Iotplus HX Credits and applied the Activation Key to your account, your account has been HX Enabled. Therefore, if you run out of HX Credits, and your sensors continue to check in with frequent Heartbeats, the data produced by that sensor will be hidden from view if it crosses the 150 reading threshold. If you find that your data is hidden as a result of insufficient HX Credits, you will either need to purchase additional credits, or contact Iotplus Support to disable Iotplus HX on your account. You will also need to set your sensor Heartbeats to 10 minutes or greater.

You will see a message indicating (HX Message Credits Consumed) under the Readings tab of your sensor if you have run out of Iotplus HX Credits.

New Look - HX Credits Consumed
Classic View - HX Credits Consumed

If you no longer wish to utilize HX Credits, Iotplus Support will remove the HX Enabled option, and your Heartbeats will have a 10 minute limit and you will see the hidden data.

Also, the HX Credits section of the Iotplus Account has an area where you can configure a threshold which triggers a notification to be sent advising of low HX Credits to prevent an account from running out of credits unexpectedly. Once the available HX Credits falls below this threshold, the notification will be sent.

HX Credits Notification Threshold

Gateway bandwidth limit with 1 minute Heartbeats

It is important to consider gateway bandwidth when operating with Heartbeats as frequent as 1 minute. Most gateways support up to 100 sensors at a time. However, with rapid Heartbeats, the gateway radio bandwidth is reduced per sensor. Therefor a good operating standard is limiting sensor Heartbeats to a minimum of 2 minutes to support up to 100 sensors per gateway. If you require 1 minute Heartbeats, the maximum number of sensors you will want to have communicating with that gateway is 50 sensors to account for reduced bandwidth.

Purchasing and applying HX Credits

You can visit the online store to purchase iotplus HX Credits. Once your purchase has been made, you will receive an Activation Key to the provided email address. This code can be copied and entered into the HX Credits code redemption field, and applied to your account.

Redeem HX Activation Code


Iotplus HX Credits are a powerful tool to allow for more rapid collection of sensor data. If you have questions or issues regarding the operation of the Iotplus HX Feature, please contact

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