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Forgot Username or Password

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Forgot Username or Password

If you are unable to log into the Online Sensors portal as a result of a forgotten username or password

!Important! The Online Sensors portal is a different website with different login credentials than the sales website. If you are having trouble logging into the sales website, please view the article for that issue.

If you are having difficulty logging into the Online Sensors Portal website, it may be due to an incorrect username, password, or your user may be locked. If you are having trouble getting access to the Sensors Portal, this article may help you resolve your issue.

Summary of Steps

  • Retrieve your username and reset your password.
  • Unlock your user.
  • Confirm your account has an active iotplus Premiere subscription.

Retrieve your username and reset your password

An Sensors Portal username may be an email address, it may consist of text only, or it may be a username with special characters. A common issue is attempting to log in with an incorrect username. Therefore, you may need to retrieve your username. To do so, visit the login page and follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Forgot? link. Login - Forgot
  2. Enter the email address added to the Notification settings for the user and click Submit.

Note: If the email address has been added to more than one user’s Notification settings, the password reset will execute for the user that was most recently created. If you suspect that there are more than one users to which the email address is associated, you will need to contact to get access to the account.

  1. Retrieve the Recovery Authorization Key delivered to the email address. Enter the key into the Recovery Authorization Key field and click Submit.
    Forgot? - Credential Recovery
  2. Next you will see a page that displays your username and allows for a password change. Be sure to take note of the username, as it may not be the same as your email address. Enter a new password, confirm the password, and click Submit.
    Recovery - Username and Reset Password
  3. Log in with your username and new password.

If you see the error, “This user is inactive. Multiple users only available with premium subscription.”

A feature of the paid iotplus Premiere subscription is the ability to have more than one user. The free iotplus Basic subscription allows for only a single user. Therefore if you have an account with an iotplus Premiere subscription that expired, all users except the Primary Contact on the account will be made inactive. To activate the additional users, an iotplus Premiere subscription renewal will need to be purchased. This can be done by the user that is the Primary Contact on the account. You can view the following article for information on completing the renewal.

iMonnit Login - User is inactive

If you have Opted Out of emails

If you have previously Opted Out of emails (click the Unsubscribe link in an email delivered from iotplus), you will not receive the password reset email. You will need to Opt In to emails from iotplus. If you are unable to get access to your account to Opt In under the User Notification settings (see Editing a User’s Notification Details ), you will need to contact iotplus to Opt In by calling our office or emailing


Using the steps in this article, you should be able to resolve most issues encountered when logging into the Online Sensors Portal. Feel free to contact with further inquiries.

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