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Editing a User’s Notification Details

How to edit a user’s Notification Details

Each user has a section for configuring Notification Details. This includes contact details for Email, SMS, and Voice Call. This article will advise how to make changes to Notification Details.

Summary of Steps

  • Log into your account from an Administrator or the user you are editing (if that user has permissions to edit their own configuration).
  • Click the Users tab in the primary menu in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click the User you want to edit.
  • Click the Notifications tab.
  • Edit the desired configurations.
  • Click the Save button.
    User Notification Details

Email Address
This is the email address Iotplus uses to send out Action notifications, System Maintenance notifications, and password reset emails. Clicking the small “play” icon will send a test message to the configured email address. If a user has a configured email address, they will be available to be selected as an email recipient when configuring Actions.

Text Settings
This is where you will select the manner by which SMS messages are sent from the Iotplus Online portal to your SMS device. The toggle will allow one of two elections: External Delivery and Direct SMS. For details on SMS delivery, see SMS Alerts: Differences Between External Provider and Direct Delivery. If you have Direct Delivery selected, you can click the small “play” icon to test if you have adequate Notification Credits.

Voice Call Number
This is where you will configure phone number to which you would like Voice Call Notifications sent. The small “play” icon will send a test notification. As with Direct Delivery, Voice Call Notifications are charged by Notification Credits. The number of Notifications Credits charged per call varies by country.

Adding a user as a recipient to an Action

After a user’s Notification Details are configured, they can be included as a recipient of an Action as shown in the screenshot below.Adding a User as a Recipient of an Action

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