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Creating a Sub-Account

Sub-Account Overview

The most efficient way for you to separate and maintain data for each of your clients/customers is to create their accounts for them, under your main account.

Pricing for Premier is based on how many sensors the client will be using. You may find the breakdown in costs by clicking here:
Iotplus Premiere Subscription options

Creating a Sub-Account for a customer

Sub-Accounts allow the administrators in the main re-seller account to have access to configurations, actions and all other maintenance and setup functions for their customers, while giving the customers autonomy. The amount of access the customer has is based on the permissions levels you configure for them.

Summary of Steps

  1. Create New Account
  2. Enter required account information
  3. Configure Primary Contact
  4. Create Network
  5. Add Devices
  6. Deploy and enjoy the sensors.

Create the new account

  1. Log into your top level account.
  2. Click Portal in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Click the Create Sub-Account in the menu that appeared.Create a Sub-Account

Enter the required customer information

The information in this section is required to create the account and can help you organize your sub-accounts and includes the company name, Industry type and location. Some customers lead the Business name with a direction or region so that when searching for a company or group of companies, it will keep the like named accounts together.
You will be required to acknowledge you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions before being able to proceed.

Enter Sub-Account Information

Create Sensor Network

Each account will need one main sensor network, though you may choose to have more than one. Enter the name for the main network and click “Create Sensor Network”. The names can be edited at any time if needed. If there will be multiple networks, consider making the names indicative of the location, sensor type, building name or other group type as it will be easier to identify which sensor(s) you are working with if they are grouped together.

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