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Adding a New Iotplus Premiere Subscription to your Iotplus Online Account

how to add a new Premiere subscription

Adding an Iotplus Premiere Subscription

What is Iotplus Premiere?

Iotplus Premiere is a 12 month software subscription for your wireless sensor network. Upgrading your Iotplus account to Iotplus Premiere enhances your account with additional advanced features for a minimal annual cost. There are key differences between the free Iotplus Basic account and an Iotplus Premiere account. This article will provide details on these features and advise how to upgrade your free Basic Iotplus account to Iotplus Premiere.
For information on renewing a subscription, see the following article: Premiere Subscription Expiration/Renewal

Summary of Steps to Upgrade a free Basic Iotplus Account to Iotplus Premiere

  1. Log into the Iotplus Online Sensors Portal.
  2. Confirm you have the permission for “Can Access Billing Pages”.
  3. Link an existing store account, or create a new store account.
  4. Select the Settings tab in the left-hand sidebar.
  5. Select the Purchase Premiere button.
  6. Select the appropriate Premiere subscription for the number of sensors currently added your account.
  7. Select the Checkout button.
  8. Confirm the subscription is correct, and select the Purchase button.

Key Features of Iotplus Premiere

  • 10 minute minimum Heartbeat (120 minutes with a free Basic account)
  • Unlimited Users (1 user for free Iotplus Basic account)
  • Access to the Sensor Mapping tool
  • Access to the Iotplus REST API and WebHooks
  • Access to Advanced Settings for sensors
  • Access to Advanced Notifications


The features of Iotplus Premiere provide a rich feature set for exceptional value. To access the Iotplus Premiere product page on the store page, visit the following link. /products/software/iotplus-sensor-management-software/.
Feel free to contact Iotplus Sales at for pre-sales inquiries, or for technical inquiries.

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