Remote Monitoring Solution for Data Centers


Maintaining a complex server environment can be a major challenge. What happens when one piece of the puzzle goes down?

Get real-time alerts for data center events that require your attention. Sensors can notify you about abnormal rack or duct temperatures. Our sensors can also monitor many other concerning variables—including increased power draw or water intrusion.

Always know the systems maintaining your server environment are performing optimally with our Wireless Sensors for remote data center monitoring.







Not knowing what's happening in your data center can be costly. So much can go wrong when things get busy or you have to step away. An overnight equipment failure can mean tens of thousands in lost business.

Spot issues immediately—avoid disruptions and damage to your reputation. See everything at once with our remote monitoring sensors.

Step offsite with confidence knowing our sensors will alert you (or your staff) if anything requires attention while you're away.



Many solutions have a large initial cost or offer a limited number of sensors—forcing managers to monitor and maintain multiple systems.

Grow your system as your operation grows. IOT Plus's scalable and affordable remote monitoring solutions have IT (and facility) monitoring needs.

The system sets up in less than 15 minutes, so you can quickly see the value our sensors provide. With ROI established, you can scale seasonally or as other specific needs surface.


Early signs of support system failure can be hard to detect, and your many other priorities prevent you from constantly checking in on your vulnerable equipment.

Set custom alerts for the conditions you care about. Decide when an unusual state warrants a text, email, or call alert.

IOT Plus sensors can even trigger alerts for abnormal conditions that would be hard for someone to identify in person. Put advanced analytics to work protecting your equipment's longevity and your uptime.



Time adds up when you are manually checking in on all of your equipment.

Whether you manage hundreds of racks or thousands, you have other priorities and physical monitoring takes too much time. Sacrificing work-life balance isn’t a sustainable option either.

Automate with IOT Plus data center monitoring systems. Reclaim your time for more important things—like life (care-free time away from work is possible again).



Worried about your network while you're on vacation? Or maybe you're at a meeting across town.

Leverage flexible dashboards. Keep an eye on rack temperatures, power draw, and airflow online whenever—from wherever.

Convenient Android and iOS apps are also included—providing you insights when you are away from your computer. Know more. Worry less.



Some IoT solutions charge monthly sensor usage fees or prevent you from using your data in other software.

Own your sensors & your data. Use your data wherever you need it—our dashboards work well for most customers, or you can export data to any 3rd-party software. An API and web hooks are also provided to facilitate the flow of reading data to other software.

With unlimited data possibilities, it's easy to get valuable insights for scheduling maintenance and staff, and for reducing operational inefficiencies.

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