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ALTA – 4G LTE Cellular Gateway, No Data Plan


The 4G LTE Global Mobile Gateway is based on a 4G (UMTS/GSM) wireless engine and comes integrated with our wireless access point network (WAN) for use with all our wireless sensors.


The Monnit 4G LTE Global Mobile Gateway is based on a 4G (UMTS/GSM) wireless engine and comes integrated with Monnit’s wireless access point network (WAN) for use with all Monnit wireless sensors. (User is responsible for setting up data plan with a compatible wireless carrier.)

With industry-leading range, security & affordability, Monnit’s ALTA range of remote wireless sensors has set new benchmarks. Since their introduction in 2017, Monnit’s ALTA Sensors have been global game-changers for many industries including Food Service, Facility Management, Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharmaceutical & Medical.

No PC or Internet connection is required for setup—upon powering the device, it automatically connects to Monnit’s server. This simplicity makes it ideal for global use—particularly for remote installs without Internet access. Monnit cellular gateways communicate with the iMonnit® (cloud or on-premise) monitoring software via cellular transmission, making them ideal for remote locations or where the internet is not available. The system aggregates sensor information and sends notifications via text, email, or call if user-defined conditions are met or exceeded.


  • 3G Cellular technology; 3G UMTS / GSM / GPRS fallback (800/850, 900, 2100 MHz)
  • Support for various cellular carriers
  • AC powered with optional 24 hour battery to ensure continuous operations in event of power outage
  • Available wireless sensor frequencies; 900, 868 and 433 MHz
  • Remote software upgrade capability
  • 50,000 sensor message memory


Our sensors provide upto 4 times the range of standard competitor wireless sensors, which means you don’t need as many Gateway’s and a much wider coverage area. Our sensor has a non-line-of-sight reach of 300 meters through upto 12 walls. This is all possible due to the most advanced Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology that allows for superior interference immunity from other wireless devices.


The sensor has Monnit’s most secure embedded Encrypt-RF™ Security which consists of a 256-bit Diffie Hellman key exchange and AES-128 CBC encryption for all sensor data messages. Security is maintained at all communication points from sensor → gateway then gateway → software, then back again.