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Wireless Patch for Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

Wireless Patch, when placed on the chest area, will record Skin Temperature, Respiratory Rate and Heart Rate – in Real Time. For instance, the data would be sent wirelessly from the Patch to an app on the user’s phone, where the data would be displayed in real-time. If symptoms develop,then  the data can be sent to a secure cloud platform. In addition, this will enable healthcare authorities to introduce effective general population remote screening like those placed under quarantine and in their own homes.

Furthermore, IOT PLUS will assist in optimizing the use of medical resources and free up hospital beds. At the onset of a patient’s vital signs showing deterioration. Therefore, immediate action can be taken to avoid hospital re-admission. Moreover, the patches can be worn for up to seven days and can be safely disposed, reducing the risk of cross-contamination of healthcare staff.



Our wearable patch has received FDA and CE  medical approval for use (Class IIa).


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