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On-demand Goods & Asset Monitoring

IOT Plus gathers data to track, alert,  analyze, and improve  security, condition, and efficiency for individual goods & assets indoors, outdoors and in-transit across supply chains anywhere in the world.

  • Portable sensors for shipments or assets, OBDII based vehicle monitoring, or Mobile as a gateway.
  • Cloud Based portal for receiving & aggregating data from the sensors. It provides analytics & alerts
  • GPS signal boosting, Global Telecom Roaming, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, LPWAN
  • Pay-As-You-Go. No upfront CAPEX & Seamlessly integrates with external & existing systems via APIs
  • Global 24/7 NOC. Real-time visibility, monitoring and chain-of-custody escalation & management

5 Business Reasons


  • Security & Safety: Identify security breaches indoors, in-transit & outdoors. Enforce SLA.
  • Efficiency: Use real-time data to make data backed sound decisions
  • Customer Satisfaction: Integrate to ERP, use APIs to share data seamlessly.
  • Compliance: Alert on changes to the condition and environment.
  • Risk Management: Mitigate risks in real-time. Verifiable audit trails.

Some examples of what’s possible

Condition monitoring through shipment | Last-mile delivery confirmation | Shipment delays | Route deviations | Real time entry/exits from defined zones |Unscheduled stops along the delivery route | Transporter/lane performance | Heat maps on alerts | Dashboards and aggregate data reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Logistics is combination of traffic management structuring and navigating traffic for optimal use of traffic system and logistics management (organizing, planning, control and execution of the flow goods) by effective usage of data .


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