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Smart Monitoring Systems for Property Management

How facilities and property owners can implement reliable, low-cost, monitoring solutions for smarter, safer, and more efficient operations.

The Internet of Things (IoT): The network of physical objects (“things”) embedded with sensors, software, electronics, and network connectivity, which enables them to collect and exchange data

The Internet of Things and Property Management

IoT Plus goal is to make provisioning and managing properties and buildings simpler and more efficient. IoT Plus make your buildings “smarter” helping to lower long-term expenses within both capital and operational costs. Adopting the Internet of Things is not just for residential homes or new buildings either. Older buildings can benefit from this new technology as well. Due to the fact that the solution is completely wireless, retro-fitting older buildings is just as easy. For example, the Empire State Building was built in 1930 and is utilizing connected technology to manage power usage for better energy management. Also, IoT Plus does not require you to replace any of your existing technologies or infrastructures. Most of your installed building equipment can be adapted to work with our newer technologies

The concept of the IoT has been around for years, but it is just recently becoming a valuable and necessary technology for managing properties. With IoT Plus, landlords and property management teams can provide value to renters without incurring expenses that lead to an increase in lease rates. The ability to connect buildings, appliances, and HVAC systems to the internet via smart wireless sensors is the core concept of the IoT, and IoT Plus provides the most reliable and cost effective solutions for several applications.

When it comes to managing your buildings would you prefer a process of responding to alarms and maintenance issues after they happen?

Alternatively, would you prefer to monitor safety conditions and other building processes in real-time allowing you to prevent potential problems before they happen?

Here are a few of the struggles, concerns, and responsibilities that property managers can overcome with IoTPlus:

The Solution

The solution consists of wireless sensors, gateways and monitoring software, to offer a complete remote monitoring solution. Wireless sensors can be used to monitor various environmental aspects of your business as well as integrate with your existing equipment (such as coolers and appliances) to give you real time data. Wireless gateways act as a communication bridge between your wireless sensors and the Online Monitoring Software which allows you to view sensor information from anywhere, anytime through a computer, tablet or smart-phone. The software can also alert you immediately by email and/or text message, and can even call your phone if conditions that you set are met or exceeded.

The wireless sensor network (WSN) can be expandable from a single local area to a multi-site network with sensors anywhere in the world, as long as the sensors are connected to a gateway. The gateway will then transmit the data to the cloud-based software which allows you to configure, monitor, and manage all of your locations from one network.

We have over 50 different wireless sensors types, and all have unique characteristics depending on their application to provide the solution you need. IoT Plus also delivers a variety of gateway communication options, such as cellular, Ethernet and USB to connect your devices to the cloud software. Cellular, Ethernet and USB gateways are capable of connecting with up to 100 wireless sensors per gateway.

The Cost-Efficient Solution

Without the help of a smart monitoring system, a problem within a home, office, or facility must be recognized and diagnoses in person. However, with IoT Plus Wireless Sensors you can detect issues immediately and receive notifications allowing you to respond in a timely manner. IoTPlus Sensors allow users to review data and issue a diagnosis from anywhere at any time, so the situation can be addressed without delay, saving you time and money.

What can you monitor with our solution? Water Damage

Every year, one in eight homes experience major water damage as a result of plumbing leaks or pipe failure. Water damage is the leading cause of property damage, and often goes unnoticed and will usually inflict immediate damage to the property. What frequently starts as a small leak can quickly intensify into flooding, which can cause substantial damage that can cost on average, between AED 1500 – 5000 to repair.

Leak Detection

 Water leaks can come from plumbing, appliances or mother nature. No matter how large the leak is water can seep into the flooring, walls or ceiling causing structural damage and mold. With water detection sensors you can be notified immediately of water presence and take care of the issue before costly damage occurs.


Temperature sensors can monitor the temperature of property. If a pipe breaks water damage is likely to occur, especially if not immediately. In the United Arab Emirates alone, the annual cost of water damage is over 2.5 billion dirhams. Generally, this comes out to be about AED10 to AED15 per square foot. If you are a property manager, you know how quickly these costs can add up. Wireless temperature sensors, like the ones offered by IoT Plus, can be installed to alert you if the temperature falls above or below a certain limit.

Preventing Unauthorized Access / Intrusion

One of the largest concerns for any property manager is unauthorized access or intrusion, whether from vandalism, theft, or even the elements. The IoT is particularly useful if your property is unoccupied or your tenants are absent for an extended period. IoT devices are non- intrusive, so no one has to feel like his or her privacy is being invaded.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are similar to the motion detectors that work with standard burglar alarms, except they are smaller and more discrete. These motion sensors will notify you or your property management team about any unexpected entry to a home, building or off-limit area by sending notifications directly to your smartphone when motion is detected.

Open/Closed Sensors

An open/closed sensor is commonly used for monitoring doors and windows of homes and buildings, gates, or off-limit areas. The sensor can alert you if a door or window is opened or left opened. With an open/closed sensor in place, you can receive notifications directly to your smartphone by text, email or voice call wherever you are.

Proper Lighting

Maintaining proper lighting in parking lots, garages, walkways, and other public areas will deter intruders, provide a safe environment for residents, employees or customers, and is cheaper and more efficient than you might think. With a light detection sensor, you can be notified when a light is out and eliminate the possibilities of vandalism, burglaries, and maintain a safe environment.

Building Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and cooling systems have the ability to be continuously monitored for performance and system functionality with the help of wireless sensors. The information collected by these sensors can be gathered and shared with property managers and technicians, and allows them to monitor and control equipment with real-time data.

Retrieving data is one thing, but making use of it is where the value lies. Internet-connected systems can analyze information and alert managers and maintenance teams of unusual equipment behavior before system failure. Real-time data and alerts allow for quicker response times and the ability to implement preventive maintenance to avoid potentially costly problems. IoT systems help reduce unnecessary maintenance and repair costs.

Energy Use

The increasing cost of energy is causing a lot of homeowners and property managers to consider smart ways of saving energy. Power consumption needs to be reduced but without compromising proper humidity, carbon dioxide, and temperature levels. With IoT Plus AC Current Meters, you can monitor and optimize energy consumption for heating, HVAC systems, appliances and many other energy-consuming devices.

Competitive Advantage

Whether you are a landlord, hotel manager, or a property manager of a commercial or public building, property management is all about customer service. IoTPlus Wireless Sensors put you in a valuable position to offer better service to your tenants and provide continuous attention to all areas of your facilities.

“They say you never know when disaster will strike. Well, now we do! Our remote monitoring system is such a valuable tool when it comes to protecting your buildings and everything in them.”

Rida Abi Farraj – CoFounder, IoT Plus Middle East LLC


Features and Benefits

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Reliable, proven technology
  • Low cost
  • Low power/long life
  • Exceptional wireless range
  • 50+ sensor types
  • Scalable / Expandable (100 sensors per gateway)
  • Global RF frequencies
  • Cloud-based monitoring software
  • Provides alerts by text message, email, or phone call
  • Accessible 24/7 from anywhere
  • Custom sensors available upon request


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