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IOT PLUS was contacted by the owner of a large property management company that owned an office building complex. They came across our wireless sensor solution while looking for a way to lower costs associated with managing and maintaining heating and cooling for their properties.

Recently, they had an issue with one of their buildings where an air conditioning unit had failed during one of the hottest weeks of the summer. The HVAC failure resulted in major costs for repair and complaints from tenants located in the office building. Their facility maintenance manager identified our Smart Monitoring System as an ideal solution for monitoring their buildings for preventive maintenance, allowing them to fix issues before they occur.


IOT PLUS provides a reliable remote monitoring solution that includes wireless temperature sensors as well as a variety of other useful sensors. The company deployed wireless temperature sensors throughout the building to monitor both room temperatures as well as duct output temperatures. They placed temperature sensors and accelerometers on air circulation fans to detect temperatures and vibration levels (if a fan is starting to go, the motor will get hot and vibrate more than normal).

The sensor data is sent wirelessly to our gateway in the maintenance office (located in one of their central buildings). The gateway sends the information to our online sensor monitoring system. The temperature sensors and accelerometers were set to take readings every hour and notifications were setup to alert the staff if readings signify any potential issues, allowing them to respond immediately.


Before implementing our wireless sensors, the company had to deal with complaints from tenants, repair the air conditioning unit on the one building and service the AC units for their remaining buildings. The initial IOT Plus remote monitoring solution deployed for this company cost ~AED 10k giving them a central gateways, and few wireless sensors to place throughout one of their buildings.

Since installing the system, the sensors detected an instance where two circulation fan motors were overheating due to worn bearings and cold air was not being distributed properly. Detecting these types of issues before failure allowed the maintenance staff to repair the equipment quickly, avoiding replacement costs and extensive downtime. Their experience with our sensors was very positive, so when the weather turned colder they decided to expand the system across their remaining buildings and include sensors to monitor boiler output temperatures and pump motors as well as water detection sensors to detect leaks in building water closets. After several months of using the system, they have also been able to optimize the way they cool and heat their buildings reducing energy costs.

Using IOT PlUS’s comprehensive monitoring solution this customer is now able to:

• Prevent down time and costly damage due to malfunctioning air handlers, fans, boilers and related heating and cooling equipment.
• Ensure their tenants have adequate heating and cooling in their offices. • Optimize heating and cooling energy costs.
• Detect plumbing leaks in building water closets.


    To monitor temperature output of building HVAC systems, monitor office temperatures and detect failing fan / boiler pump motor
    To monitor for excessive vibration on fan motors and boiler pumps.
    Detect leaks in building water closets.


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