Food Safety

Ditching the Clipboard

To implement a reliable system for food traceability, the first rule is to eliminate the paper methods. Producing products in high volume makes it impossible to track information with paper. Not only is it difficult to record everything, but locating and organizing the proper documents during a recall could take weeks to sort through. With today’s standards, a company is expected to take action within hours when food safety is at stake. The FDA requires records within 24 hours if requested or fines and other civil penalties are possible.

With the regulatory pressure to achieve food safety accountability, food companies plan to implement electronic traceability systems within the next three years.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping manufacturers reduce the impact of a recall and meet FSMA requirements by providing detailed monitoring and record keeping for commercial food producers and suppliers, and assure the safety of food upon arrival at its destination.

Monitoring Food in Transit

For more than a century there have been high percentages of food spoilage and loss during transportation. Regardless of how fast a product can be shipped, it still does not prevent the significant challenge of spoilage from occurring due to moisture loss, increased temperatures, and other causes.

Food waste has always been a large problem for the food industry with costs adding up to being billions of dollars a year, and wasting more than 25% of fruits and vegetables.

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible for food producers, transportation, and food service providers to work connected and guarantee timely delivery and safe food. With IoT solutions, companies across the supply chain gain the visibility needed to ensure food is of the best quality, delivered on time, and prepared in optimal settings. The FDA is now likely to require proof of quality at each checkpoint during the entire cold chain and shipping process to ensure there has been no disruption in the food’s safety.

Example: Food companies that use internet-connected equipment can confirm food quality as it leaves the factory or warehouse. Fleet managers can then leverage wireless sensors to ensure temperature sensitive and perishable goods do not spoil while in transit. Any temperature fluctuations can trigger alerts that notify the driver and food supplier, who can replace damaged goods before they arrive at the customer’s dock.

Becoming safer, more efficient, and sustainable with IoT Plus

Food companies must increase efficiencies, reduce costs and ensure compliance is met with food regulations across the entire supply chain. Companies using IoT Plus remote wireless sensors can confidently monitor, control, plan and optimize operational management processes in real-time.

IoT Plus helps food related businesses meet stringent FSMA food safety regulations, protect their reputation and provide the best quality products to their customers. IoT Plus also allows for automation and optimization of food processes, freeing up employee time to take care of other tasks while eliminating human errors in recording data.

Example: Employing IoT Plus sensors throughout the cold chain allows for continuous temperature monitoring, while automatically recording the data. Other than real-time data logging, IoT Plus Sensors are easily programmed to generate an alert if temperatures move outside a designated range. Whether a product is removed from a refrigerated area and is not promptly placed into a freight container, or if there’s a refrigeration malfunction that causes a temperature fluctuation, with IoT Plus you will have instant visibility and knowledge of a product’s integrity and safety. Monitoring your products is important not just to prevent food-borne illnesses, but to maintain customer confidence in your product and brand

The IoT Plus Solution

The IoT Plus solution consists of wireless sensors, gateways and monitoring software, to offer a complete remote monitoring solution. Wireless sensors can be used to monitor various environmental aspects of your business as well as integrate with your existing equipment (such as coolers and appliances) to give you real time data. Wireless gateways act as a communication bridge between your wireless sensors and the Online Monitoring Software which allows you to view sensor information from anywhere, anytime through a computer, tablet or smart-phone. The software can also alert you immediately by email and/or text message, and can even call your phone if conditions that you set are met or exceeded.

IoT Plus’s wireless sensor network (WSN) can be expandable from a single local area to a multi-site network with sensors anywhere in the world, as long as the sensors are connected to an IoT Plus gateway. The gateway will then transmit the data to IoT Plus’s cloud-based software which allows you to configure, monitor, and manage all of your locations from one network.

IoT Plus has over 50 different wireless sensors types, and all have unique characteristics depending on their application to provide the solution you need. IoT Plus also delivers a variety of gateway communication options, such as cellular, Ethernet, USB and serial MODBUS to connect your devices to IoT Plus’s cloud software. Cellular, Ethernet and USB gateways are capable of connecting with up to 100 wireless sensors per gateway and serial MODBUS gateways can connect with up to 50 wireless sensors.


A major ongoing problem for most companies is the lack of funds to implement an IoT strategy to meet FSMA regulations. More than 90 percent of food manufacturers have less than 200 employees, and many of those organizations are still using a pencil

Here are a few of the struggles, concerns, and responsibilities a food service professional can overcome with IoT Plus and the IoT: and clipboard due to the cost of advanced technology solutions. These small food manufacturers are being held to the same standards as the larger organizations, which may seem difficult with electronic traceability becoming an industry requirement.

IoT Plus’s wireless solution can assist food companies of all sizes and effectively manage time-consuming tasks around food safety, and for a low-cost.

  • Automatically track and record food storage temperatures
  • Reduce waste and spoilage
  • Save time and resources
  • Protect food inventory
  • Increase food safety

Key Takeaways

  • A number of regulations and processes are mandatory within the food supply and service industries to ensure food
  • Proper manual processes and documentation are time consuming, resource intensive and prone to human error.
  • IoT Plus’s automated system can properly track and record temperatures through the entire process, from farm to fork.
  • IoT Plus systems can protect stored food inventories, preventing spoilage due to cooler or freezer failures by immediately alerting staff of any detected
  • Food service businesses can realize cost savings by reducing waste/spoilage, freeing up employee time by automating manual documentation processes, and tracking energy use of coolers, freezers, appliances, HVAC systems and more.
  • IoT Plus’s reliable remote monitoring solutions give you peace of mind by providing 24/7 access to your business from anywhere and alerting you immediately of any issues.
  • Implementing the Internet of Things in your business is easy and affordable!

As regulations and competition grow, food suppliers and restaurant owners cannot afford to take risks when it comes to food safety. Suffering the loss of stock due to spoilage or spreading food-borne illness is an expense that a business may not overcome. Monitoring food temperatures will help prevent waste and provide safer and better-tasting food.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Reliable, proven technology
  • Low cost
  • Low power/long life
  • Exceptional wireless range
  • 50+ sensor types
  • Scalable / Expandable (100 sensors per gateway)
  • Global RF frequencies
  • Cloud-based monitoring software
  • Provides alerts by text message, email, or phone call
  • Accessible 24/7 from anywhere
  • Custom sensors available upon request


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