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The Problem:

A call came from the owner of a large property management company that owned several office buildings. They came across the wireless sensor solution while looking for a way to lower costs associated with managing and maintaining their properties.

Earlier that week, they had an issue with an office complex that had several empty suites. One empty suite had a water heater failure which resulted in water damage to itself and two additional occupied suites. The company got a call in the morning from an occupant of one of the other suites involved, but unfortunately it was too late to avoid costly damage.

The Solution:

Providing a reliable remote monitoring solution that includes wireless water detection sensors as well as a variety of other useful sensors was the solution. The company deployed wireless water sensors in each water closet of the building to monitor for water leaks. Wireless gateways support up to 100 wireless sensors each, so the company also decided to use temperature sensors in their boiler room to monitor the output of their heating system.

The sensor data is sent wirelessly to the gateway placed in a top floor water closet. Due to the steel and concrete construction of the building, they placed one wireless range extender in a first floor water closet to repeat the data from the boiler room sensors to the gateway. The gateway sends the information to the online sensor monitoring system. The wireless water sensors detect immediate presence of water, and the temperature sensors were set to check temperatures every hour. Notifications were setup to alert the property manager if water is detected or if a temperature falls too low.

The Result (Cost Savings)

Before implementing the wireless sensors, this property management company had to repair the water damage to three office suites. This included replacing carpets and baseboards in all three suites, as well as having to replace damaged furniture and business assets for the two occupied suites, costing them thousand of dirhams.

Since installing the system, temperature sensors detected an incident where the boiler failed during a particularly cold winter weekend. Temperatures started to drop inside the building and the property manager was notified when temperatures in the building approached freezing. Had the temperature sensors not notified them, there was a high probability that the plumbing would have frozen over the weekend, causing potential damage. They were able to repair the system and have temperatures back to normal by the start of business on Monday for their tenants.

Using the monitoring solution this property management company is now able to:

  • Prevent costly damage due to plumbing and water heater leaks.
  • Ensure their tenants have adequate heating and cooling for their offices.


    To detect immediate presence of water around water heater and plumbing in each of the office buildings water closets.
    To check the temperature output of the office buildings boiler / heating system.



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